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    Complete the membership information.
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    Receive an email confirming login/password information.

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    Membership provides the ability to create digital coursepacks by selecting the content YOU want and by adding video, audio clips, pdf documents and web-links to each lesson. Or you can simply select all the available lessons for your custom texts.

  4. 4

    If you are customizing 5th grade math to publish to your students, the 5th grade math content MUST be on your preview shelf. It will need to stay on the preview shelf as long as you are using that curriculum coursepack with your students.

  5. 5

    If you remove a customized coursepack, you may remove the corresponding coursepack from your review shelf and replace that content with any other grade level/subject area curriculum.

  6. 6

    To make your textbook selections-go to "add a book to review". Click on the subject-then the grade level you would like. Select from the menu and click Add to My E-Shelf.

    Click "Create My Own" if you would like to upload your own authored lessons to create a coursepack. **See additional directions below for this selection**

  7. 7

    You may create a title to your courspack and also add introductory audio/video or a typed introduction. Click on each lesson and follow the customization directions to add audio/video, web-site links, and additional pdf documents to any lesson. Click "Save"

  8. 8

    Create a unique username and password for each custom book. These credentials should NOT be your account credentials. They should be something simple and easy to remember. Each book must have its own set so we know which book the student is asking for. Email this information to yourself and to up to 150 students, or simply write the credentials down for your students.

    **Additional Directions for creating your own digital coursepack/digital text**

    When you select "Create My Own" when adding a book to review. Enter a title and then select a grade level and subject area and click "save". (If the text you are creating does not fall under any of our standard grade/subject selections, you may choose any and still be able to create your digital content....this may be the case for college level or the arts)

    Click "Manage Lessons"

    You may now upload lessons for your students. You may label each lesson or leave blank. Your lessons need to be in PDF format. Create and Save your lessons as a Student Lesson and Teacher Guide to each lesson.

    Click browse next to Teacher Manual and find the Lesson from your computer that you wish to upload. Double click the PDF lesson. Click browse next to Student Manual and find the Lesson from your computer that you wish to upload. Double click the PDF lesson.

    Click "save". This may take a few minutes depending on the size of the PDFs you are uploading.

    You may add up to 180 lessons.

    When you are done adding lessons click "My Eshelf" and you will find your "custom" pack on your review shelf.

    You may customize each lesson with audio/video, web links and more. Publish the content you have created so your students.

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Yearly Yearly Choose 10 Standard Flexible Textbooks to customize. Create up to 25 customized textbooks. $39.95


To assist you with utilizing our website, we have created tutorials to guide you:

How To Use and Publish Digital Texts to Your Students


How do I sign up?

You will be able to sign up to the site by entering the following personal information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Type (Public school educator, Private school educator, Home-school educator or Parent)
  • School/ Affiliation;
  • Membership level

After filling in the personal information, you will be directed to a checkout page to fill in the billing and credit card information in order to complete the subscription process.

What is "My E-Shelf?"

With your yearly membership you may choose 10 Standard Flexible Textbooks to customize with audio, video and web site links; create up to 25 Customizable textbooks.

"My E-Shelf" is a membership for Complete Curriculum customers that allows them to download Standard Flexible "digital" Textbooks, mix and match lessons, download video, audio, documents and add internet links to individual lessons.

The My E-Shelf section has two subsections (shelves):

  • Standard Flexible Textbooks: This is your shelf to "review" texts we provide. Thisshow the Standard Flexible Textbooks you have added to their e-shelf.
  • Customized textbooks: show the customized textbooks you have created.

To add Standard Flexible Textbooks, browse textbooks and select them through the four main content areas and grade levels. The amount of Standard Flexible Textbooks you select depends on your membership level.

Standard Flexible Textbooks can be changed until you select one lesson or supplement from the textbook in a new customized textbook. After a lesson or supplement has been selected, the Standard Flexible Textbook cannot be removed from the shelf until the customized textbook is published.

When browsing the Standard Flexible Textbooks, you will be able to view the name, the teacher version of the "front cover," "front matter," the description and the sample lesson.

You can customize a textbook using the Standard Flexible Textbooks you have added to your e-shelf. You may create up to 25 customized textbooks.

Research-Based Development

What is "My Review Shelf"?

The Review shelf is where you add courespacks to review. These coursepacks are "flexible" in the fact that each is separated into individual lessons, which you may use "all of them" or only select "specific" lessons you want to use with your students to enrich, remediate or advance.

Each digital coursepack has two versions (Student Manual and Teacher Manual), and up to 180 lesson plans in each. You choose up to 10 of our engaging digital coursepacks to use at one time.

How do I create or revise customized coursepacks?

Log in to my E-shelf at the top right corner

Click "add a book to review"

Click on the subject box you want to look then click the grade level table of contents and sample lessons.

To select a curriculum coursepack click "add to my E-shelf".

Click on my E-shelf and you will find your digital coursepack on the shelf.

To view the lessons click "View Lessons". Click "student" to view the student lesson and "teacher" to view the teacher manual version for the lesson.

Once you have decided that you would like to use the coursepack with your students click "create a customized coursepack" and you will see the list of lessons.

Click on the name of each lessons you want to include in your customized text OR you may click "select all" the click "CREATE" (Create is in lower right corner).

You may create a title, upload default intro video (or upload your own video to introduce the text) and also type in basic directions or introduction to the customized coursepack.

Scroll down and you may choose to customize each lesson, by adding video/audio/web links and your own documents. To add this customization to each lesson, simply click "edit lesson". When you have finished editing a lesson, click "save" at the BOTTOM Right.

You do not have to customize lessons. You may simply click "Publish" at the bottom right, where you will then create a username and password for the students to use when they click on "student Login"

Your students are ready to use your digital coursepack!

When I renew my membership to "my e-shelf," what happens if I want different digital coursepacks?

When you renew your membership, you still have access to the same amount of digital coursepacks. You will be able to delete the digital coursepacks that are not being and select new ones to use.

What options are available from "my account" page?

This page will have a list of the options for registered users:

  • Edit profile
  • My E-Shelf
  • Change/update credit card information
  • Upgrade membership level
  • Cancel automatic renewal
  • Logout
  • "Edit Profile" will be a form in which you will have the ability to edit your personal information. The personal information will be:
    • First Name;
    • Last Name;
    • Email;
    • Password;
    • Type (Public school educator, Private school educator, Home-school educator or Parent);
    • School/ Affiliation;


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